GameSheet Inc.
Digital Score Sheets


How does the system work?

How do I create an account for the Dashboard website?

How do I sign into the iPad Scoring app?

How do I access a completed score sheet?

Do you need internet to score a game?

How do the teams/players/coaches get into the GameSheet system?

Can game results, standings and stats be published to our association’s website?

Will the GameSheet system work for tournaments?

We don't have enough iPads to run a large tournament…. do you have rentals?

Does the GameSheet Scoring app only run on an iPad?

What are the minimum requirements for the iPads?

Is there Training Available?

How long does it take to upload a game?

Will this use all my data if I use a personal hotspot?

Does anyone have to enter the stats for the website to be updated?

Can a score sheet be altered with after the referee signs?

Does the coaching staff still sign the score sheet?

Can you print the completed score sheet?

Will the score sheet look like our existing paper copy?

Can the system be customized for our league/association?

What about a player who is absent or suspended from a game?

How does the referee make notes on any major penalties?

How are affiliated players (AP) handled?

Can a goal or assist be assigned to a player that is not there?

Are goalie stats available?

What about empty net goals?

How long do iPad batteries last?