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A hockey score sheet created by hockey guys! Score games on an iPad with rosters, scores and standings all done with the touch of a button.

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GameSheet Score Sheet
Instant Data

Effortless Statistics

Get game results, division standings, and player stats updated instantly, allowing you to focus on making the game better.

With our reporting tools, you no longer have to make decisions on gut feel - you have the analytics to back it up.

GameSheet Score Sheet
Always connected

Custom Game Flagging

You want to review games with suspensions or game misconducts first. No longer do you have to sift through every game to find them.

Any games that you need to be aware of are flagged and able to be viewed immediately.

GameSheet Score Sheet
Manage Your Time

Games Are Easily Sorted

Sort your games by date, team, division, league etc. No more piles of paper all over your workspace or tournament office!

Once you have viewed a game, our system indicates that you have seen it.

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Leagues And Tournaments

No waiting for score sheets from distant locations. The game sheet is there for you to see as soon as it is uploaded.

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Associations and Convenors

Perfectly legible game sheets, flagged suspensions, voice recordings of referee reports, scores and standings updated the instant the game is done.

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Coaches and Managers

Access score sheets immediately following the game on any web browser. The dashboard and score sheets on your phone are awesome!

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Voice record, or type up, game misconduct reports. Edit or change penalty mistakes and sign right on the iPad app.

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An easy to use, intuitive interface with every detail perfectly legible. Add game notes including timeouts and trainer visits.

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Players and Parents

You want stats? Make them available to your league instantly! Use our own embeddable tool or access the stats through our API.

Success Story

Newmarket Minor Hockey Association

Our association is a volunteer-driven organization. As such, attracting new volunteers has become an increasingly difficult task because of the time commitment we need, particularly from our division Convenors. By implementing the GameSheetInc App we have literally cut hundreds of hours out of volunteer time required to compile and track statistics. This streamlined workflow has gone a long way in making volunteering as a Convenor much more agreeable.

Statistics are posted to our website as soon as the Referee signs off on the game sheet. The game sheets are instantly available to the Coaching staff and League Administrators, dramatically improving our post game workflows and there is no confusion created by poor penmanship on the part of the time keeper or game officials.

Perhaps most important is that GameSheet has created a database of factual information for the Association. Not only can entries meet pre-determined criteria and be flagged for review, we can now look at an individual player’s penalty history should that player be facing supplemental discipline. Over time we should be able to much better identify trends in the types and quantities of penalties that are occurring. This data will allow us to start making decisions about how our games are played and managed based on facts.

We are into our semis this morning and things have gone super smoothly so far. Teams that were new to the electronic game sheets have LOVED them!

Kathy DittoTournament Convenor, AAA Niagara North Stars

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We work directly with you to get your organization up and running with GameSheet.

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The GameSheet Tools

We have everything you need: scoring app, mobile accessible dashboard, stats.

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