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Score your games using the Scoring App. View completed score sheets on the web Dashboard. Update your website automatically!

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For those that still like the look and feel of the 8.5"x14" score sheet you can print with our PDF functionality. Our version is perfectly legible!

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Convenors review every game and it's very simple with our system; customized flagging criterion allows you to flag games so you see them first and can deal with suspensions etc. right away.

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Sort game data by date, game number, team, division etc. Games are archived as well so you can look back at historical data from season to season.

For the ETA the adoption of GSI’s electronic game sheet was easy and very straightforward.

Its use has been the most significant item in improving our administrative system and in providing timely game results and statistics in our history.

Bill SchlittOMHA - Eastern AAA President

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We work directly with you to get your organization up and running with GameSheet.

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