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GameSheet vs Paper – A Clear Winner

Jun 7 2022

GameSheet is an Integrated Digital Scorekeeping and League Management Solution. Paper is not. We are recognized as best-in-class league management technology by some of the largest and most respected leagues in the world. Paper is antiquated. The GameSheet system eases the burden of every stakeholder in the game; Conveners, League Executives, Coaches, Managers, Referees, Time Keepers and Parents. Paper increases the workload. All the details of the game at your fingertips the second it happens. Paper copies require distribution. GameSheet moves the game forward through patent pending analytics on referees, penalties, suspensions, injuries and more. Paper provides none. Key stakeholders are now making data-informed business and policy decisions to help grow the game, making it safer and more enjoyable for players, families and fans.

A paper scoresheet does not:

  • Put the Avery label stickers onto itself 
  • Email itself to your coaches/managers as soon as the game is over
  • Automatically update your league websites with scores, stats and standings
  • Automatically flag games with suspensions and misconducts
  • Make itself instantly available to league execs for review of suspendable occurrences
  • Record a voice message from a referee
  • Eliminate goals and assists to non-existent players in a game
  • Provide live scoring updates as they happen for parents  who aren’t at the game
  • Automatically track suspensions
  • Automatically track and update a player’s stats
  • Automatically calculate the goalie’s GAA and Save %
  • Automatically determine if a goal is a PP or SH
  • Collate a player’s complete penalty infraction list prior to a hearing
  • Pre-populate schedules directly from the schedule provider
  • Create a zip file of all games for a complete season
  • Provide a penalty report for the whole league
  • Provide a penalty report for division or team
  • Provide a referee reporting summary
  • Allow the league to update the stats and have all copies match
  • Allow players stats and penalties to accumulate year after year

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