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USAH Announces GameSheet as an Official Integrated Scoring Provider

Jun 10 2021

At the Winter Meetings this past January, Doug Ticas, the Senior Director of IT at USAH announced that GameSheet will be an Official Scoring Provider.

As part of this new relationship GameSheet will be able to access rosters directly from the USAH registration database. Team rosters will now be pre-populated without anyone having to enter / re-enter names and numbers. This helps smooth over one of the bumps in the road of on-boarding.

Steve Feinberg heads-up GameSheet’s US Operation which is based in Chicago. When asked to comment on the integration with USA Hockey Steve explained, 

“Last season we had 17% of the North American player population in our database. Automating the upload process of bringing USA Hockey rosters into our scoring solution from their database allows us to deliver transformative services to USA Hockey members. 

Everyone involved in the scoring of a hockey game who utilizes Gamesheet- Event Executives, League Executives, Team Managers, Coaches, Scorekeepers and Officials will no longer deal with the hassle of rosters – no stickers or paper limitations. Official USA Hockey Digital Rosters will be available in our system with the push of a button for those who use our App- 

We’re so excited to be able to work with USA Hockey to provide practical solutions to roster challenges while saving time for volunteers who make hockey work for kids.” 

The expected completion date for this integration is early summer, in plenty of time for the start of the fall season.

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