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GameSheet Announces 2021 Training Dates

Aug 5 2021

GameSheet provides a collection of on-demand video training.  It can be found here:

However, sometimes a little more is required. To that end we are hosting weekly Training sessions for Teams, for Scorekeepers and for League Admin.  The expectation for attendees to these training sessions is that they have spent 10 minutes watching the appropriate on-demand videos prior to attending.  That way we can focus on any extra details or Q and A that might not be already covered.

These sessions as follows:  

  • Team Specific – Coach/Manager
    • Monday at 8 pm Eastern. Weekly from August 9th to Nov 28th
  • Scorekeeper Specific
    • Tuesday at 8 pm Eastern.  Weekly from August 10th to Nov 29th
  • League Admin – Web Integration
    • Wednesday at 8 pm Eastern.  Weekly from August 18th to Nov 30th

Please reach out to us at for the meeting details.

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